We often think of wildfires as a risk that effects only certain regions, but a wildfire can occur anywhere there is enough fuel to keep it going. Don&rsquo;t overlook wildfires as a potential threat to your church or school property simply because of where you are located.<br /> <br /> The best defense against wildfires is removing items that could easily ignite from flying embers or provide fuel for a fire. Taking precautions to reduce the amount of dry or dead grass, limbs, and other ground litter can help protect your property from a wildfire.<br /> &nbsp;
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Protecting Your Ministry Against Wildfires
Wildfires represent some of the largest property claims filed with ARM in recent years. They bring devastation and destruction with them but there are ways you can protect your ministry's property. Join Adventist Risk Management and our reinsurance partner Guy Carpenter for an informative webinar on wildfire protection.
Fire Safety for You Ministry
Fire prevention and safety practices are an important part of risk management for any ministry. Join David Fournier, chief client care officer of Adventist Risk Management, Inc. in this webinar on the loses and causes of fires, self-inspections, prevention practices, and how to respond in a fire emergency.

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