Trips involving church members, students, or Pathfinders require the utmost caution. Every trip should begin with proper planning and communication with parents. Driver selection, adequate supervision in vehicles, and having enough drivers to prevent fatigue are also important parts of safe travel.<br /> <br /> Vehicles that are not regularly serviced and maintained are not safe to drive. Vehicles should be inspected before each trip to ensure they are safe. Knowing what to do in case of an accident can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse.<br /> &nbsp;
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Activity-Trip Planning Worksheet
Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection
Renting a Vehicle
Cold Weather Driving
Vehicle Accident Prevention
Protect Your Device While Traveling
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Risk Management for Pastors – Activity Planning and Transportation
David Fournier, vice president and chief client care officer for Adventist Risk Management, Inc., leads us through a webinar discussing activity planning and transportation. Learn what you can do before your next trip to ensure you implement best safety practices. Then see what kinds of transportation options your ministry can use to provide safe transport for your members.

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