As ministry leaders, we have both a legal and a moral obligation to safeguard the money entrusted to us for ministry. Without the proper protocols and procedures, we open the door to fraud from our staff or volunteers.<br /> <br /> Beyond preventing fraud from happening in our ministries, we have the responsibility of stewardship. God expects us to effectively manage His resources in a way that brings honor and glory to His name and continues to advance His ministry. Proper stewardship includes running our ministry in a fiscally responsible way.<br /> &nbsp;
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Financial Internal Controls

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Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement
Learning how to prevent fraud and embezzlement in church or school ministries is an essential practice for protecting the assets and reputation of the church. Following these practices is one way we can do our best for God. It is a way to protect the reputation of those who manage or handle the Lord’s funds and illustrates our commitment to excellence to our insurers.

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