Cybersecurity is just as important for churches and schools as it is for major corporations. Any vulnerability in your network, software, or hardware&mdash;or from users&mdash;can be an invitation to criminals. A regular review of your procedures and systems is critical to protect against cyberattacks.<br /> <br /> Cyberattacks are costly to recover from and can represent a major disruption to your ministry while the attack is being dealt with. There is also the reputational damage that can occur if the attack compromises the data of members or students.<br /> &nbsp;
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The Importance of Cyber Insurance for your School - Part 1
Cyberattacks are becoming more common and our schools are not immune. The risk of attack grows larger every day, even for our smallest schools. In part one of this two-part webinar, we'll examine how cyber risk affects education specifically. We'll also look at ARM's cyber insurance to discuss how a cyber policy can help protect your school and the conference.

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