2024 Risk Management Conference Early Bird Registration is now open!

2024 Risk Management Conference Early Bird Registration is now open!

Early Bird Registration is now open for ARM's 2024 NAD Risk Management Conference – Safekeeping! Please use REGISTER link below to register your team. You will also find general event information, hotel booking, and travel options.


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June 03, 2024

How Protecting the Vulnerable Can Create a Culture of Possibility

Sophia Nicholl’s relationship to disability awareness started in a London hospital in 1996. Shortly after her son’s birth, he was diagnosed with Peters anomaly, a scarr...

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May 01, 2024

Tornado Emergencies and Better Planning for a Strong Community

We’ve all witnessed thunderstorms. Aside from what Hollywood shows us of tornadoes, it’s difficult to imagine a darkening, green-tinted sky and the roar of a rotating c...

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May 01, 2024

Protect and Prepare Your Church or School Building From Tornadoes

Here is a list of best practices from your account executives as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):1 

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April 03, 2024

Why Hands-on Training Is Critical for Active Shooter Preparedness: An Interview With Deputy Sheriff Karl Burnett

The frequency of mass shootings—especially church shootings—has left many congregations unnerved. At Adventist Risk Management, Inc., we want to make sure churches have...

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March 01, 2024

The Growing Movement for Active Shooter Preparedness

Churches are spaces where we are invited to come as we are. The apostle Paul reminds us to “welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Howev...

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February 05, 2024

What a Phishing Attack Costs and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Information technology has helped Adventist ministries overcome barriers of time and distance at lightning speed. We’re truly connected, allowing us to better advance our mis...

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January 29, 2024

Think You're Too Savvy for Cyber Scams?

Phishing attacks — where cybercriminals disguise themselves as trustworthy sources to steal sensitive information — are a growing concern for organizations, churches, s...

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January 15, 2024

Is Your Ministry Vulnerable to Scams?

If you were to receive an urgent appeal for donations from you pastor, would you send money? A Gallup poll from 2021 stated 36% of U.S. adults believe the ethical standards of reli...

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January 01, 2024

What Will the New Year Bring?

This time of year, many people start looking at how the upcoming year will be different. Perhaps they will pursue something they always wanted, achieve a goal that has long been ou...

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December 13, 2023

ARM Wraps Up 2023 Stronger Than It Started

The year 2023 showed growth from the investment markets and resolutions of significant claims. Only one major storm struck the United States mainland and the damage it caused was m...

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