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Drivers and Transportation

Many volunteers and Church employees operate Church owned, leased, rental or personal vehicles as part of their job or duties for the Church. We are expected to operate vehicles safely to prevent accidents, which may result in injuries or property loss. The church understands that the use of automobiles is an essential part of our ministry and as such each of us as safety officers must be committed to promoting a heightened level of safety awareness and responsible driving behavior for those who undertake this important task.

Automobile/Bike Safety

 Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Form English | Spanish | French | Portuguese  

 Trip Planning Worksheet English | Spanish | French | Portuguese  

 Accident Incident Report English | Spanish | French | Portuguese  
Use to record details of any traffic accident for reference later 


Transportation Webinar


Church Transportation Risk – Webinar


Hired Auto (Car Rental) Video



 15-Passenger Vans English | Spanish | French | Portuguese

 Vehicle Accident Prevention English | Spanish | French | Portuguese

 Safe Driving in Bad Weather English | Spanish | French | Portuguese

 Renting a Car English | Spanish | French | Portuguese

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