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Thank you for your interest in protection children from the harm of abuse and adults from the potential for false allegations. These resources will help acquaint you with a series of Child Protection Resources that you can implement at the local church and school level. 

Child Protection resources

Info Sheets

 Starting A Child Protection Plan 
English | French | Portuguese | Spanish

 Protecting Our Children with Background Screening
English | French | Portuguese | Spanish

 Appropriate Touch for Staff and Children
 English | French | Portuguese | Spanish

 Child and Youth Supervision Guidelines
English | Spanish | French | Portuguese


 Supervision Webinar

 Best Practices In Supervision of Children And Youth


Short Papers

 Youth Supervision


Solutions Articles

Child Protection - We Are Accountable 
When A Predator Attacks - Finding Healing Following Abuse 
Intersections in the Lives of Children - Preventing Child Sex Abuse
How to Handle Child-on-Child Abuse Cases the Right Way 

Predator at the door Video