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Your 2017 North American Division (NAD) Risk Management Initiatives

Risk Management Committees

An organization’s leadership must address the protection and stewardship of the assets entrusted to the entity. Implementing a safety committee will set the tone that identifying risks and managing them is important to our organizations’ long-term ministry. 


Remove 15 Passenger Vans

Fifteen-passenger vans are dangerous and should not be used to transport our members or children. The use of 15-passenger vans has been discouraged and, in some places, actively prohibited by the Church across NAD for over 10 years. We must connect with local pastors and leaders to remove these dangerous vehicles completely from our churches, schools and camps. 

Download: 15 Passenger Vans: Dangerous and Deadly in English | Spanish | French | Portuguese
Article: Why Can't We Use the New 15-Passenger Vans? English | Spanish
Article: It's Time to Get Rid of Your 15 Passenger Vans English | Spanish

Conduct Risk Assessments 

Maintaining a safe building and premises is important to keep our members and guests safe. Evaluating risks on a regular basis helps to prevent potential injuries and unnecessary claims. The goal is to better track high-risk notifications and to follow-up on whether the issues were addressed. 


Emergency Planning

Successful preparation for an emergency only comes with practice. All NAD churches are encouraged to hold a safety drill during Safety Sabbath in March 2017. ARM will provide fire and active shooter drill materials in multiple languages for churches to use.

Camp Safety

Parents and church constituents should have the satisfaction of knowing their camp operates a safe and nurturing environment for their children. The NAD and ARM are providing two financial incentives for camps to become accredited with the American Camp Association (ACA)—a 15% discount off ACA membership and accreditation fee, and a 20% rebate (up to $500) for ACA renewal.  

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