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North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

Group 67807-4

Location Name-Account #

Location Name-Account #


Mountain View Conference of SDA-77

Adventist Media Center-2

NAD Evangelism Institute-78

Adventist Risk Management, Inc.-3

Nevada-Utah Conference of SDA-79

Adventist Wholehealth Family Care-5

New Jersey Conference of SDA-80

Adventsource, Inc.-6

New York Conference of SDA-81

Alaska Conference of SDA-7

Newbury Park Adventist Academy-82

Allegheny East Conference of SDA-8

North American Division of SDA-83

Allegheny West Conference of SDA-9

North Pacific Union Conference of SDA-84

Amazing Facts, Inc.-10

Northern California Conference of SDA-86

Arizona Conference of SDA-11

Northern New England Conference of SDA-87

Arkansas-LA Conference of SDA-12

Oakwood University-88

Atlantic Union College-13

Ohio Conference of SDA-89

Atlantic Union Conference of SDA-14

Oklahoma Conference of SDA-90

Autumn House Publishing Association-16

Oregon Conference of SDA-91

Campion Academy-18

Ozark Adventist Academy-92

Carolina Conference-19

Pacific Press Publishing Assoc.-93

Central California Conference of SDA-20

Pacific Union Conference of SDA-94

Central States Conference of SDA-21

Pennsylvania Conference of SDA-95

Central Valley Christian Academy-22

Portland Adventist Academy-96

Chesapeake Conference of SDA-23

Potomac Conference of SDA-97

Chisholm Trail Academy-24

Review & Herald Publishing Assn.-98

Christian Record Srvs. Intl. Inc.-25

Rocky Mountain Conference of SDA-100

Columbia Adventist Academy-27

San Fernando Valley Academy-101

Columbia Union Conference of SDA-28

San Gabriel Academy-102

Dakota Adventist Academy-29

Seminars Unltd. Resource Center-103

Dakota Conference of SDA-30

Shenandoah Valley Academy-104

Florida Conference of SDA-31

South Atlantic Conference of SDA-105

Forest Lake Academy-32

South Central Conference of SDA-106

Fresno Adventist Academy-33

Southeastern Calif Conference of SDA-107

Gem State Academy-34

Southeastern Conference-108

General Conference of SDA-35

Southern Adventist University-109

Georgia Cumberland Conference of SDA-36

Southern California Conference of SDA-110

Glendale Adventist Academy-37

Southern New England Conference of SDA-111

Great Lakes Adventist Academy-38

Southern Union Conference of SDA-112

Greater New York Academy-40

Southwest Region Conference of SDA-113

Greater New York Conference of SDA-41

Southwestern Adventist University-114

Gulf States Conference of SDA-42

Southwestern Union Conference of SDA-115

Hawaii Conference of SDA/Mission-43

Spring Valley Academy-116

Highland Academy-45

Sunnydale Academy-117

Holbrook SDA Indian School-46

Sunnydale Industries-118

Idaho Conference of SDA-48

Texas Conference of SDA-119

Illinois Conference of SDA-49

Texico Conference of SDA-120

Indiana Academy-50

The Office of Regional Conference Ministry-121

Indiana Conference of SDA-51

Thunderbird Academy-122

Inter-American Division-52

Union College-124

Inter-American Division Publishing Assoc.-53

Upper Columbia Conference of SDA-127

Iowa-Missouri Conference of SDA-54

Walla Walla University-128

Kansas-Nebraska Conference of SDA-55

Washington Adventist University-130

Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of SDA-56

Washington Conference of SDA & ABC-131

La Sierra Adventist Academy-57

Western Adventist Foundation-132

La Sierra University-58

Wisconsin Academy-133

Lake Region Conference of SDA-59

Wisconsin Conference of SDA-134

Lake Union Conference of SDA-60


Loma Linda Academy-61

Sunbelt Natural Foods-144

Loma Linda University-62


Los Angeles Adventist Academy-63


Madison Academy-64


Michigan Conference of SDA-66


Mid-America Union of SDA-67


Mile High Academy-68


Milo Adventist Academy-69


Minnesota Conference of SDA-70


Montana Conference of SDA-71


Monterey Bay Academy-72


Mount Ellis Academy-73


Mount Pisgah Academy-74


Mount Vernon Academy-75


Mountain View Academy-76