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Title: Church Media Risks
Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014
Time: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

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As churches and church organizations look for ways to communicate with membership and reach out to their communities, media can be an effective tool to connect with members and customers. With these opportunities come some inherent risks. In order to succeed with media we need to be prepared to understand and address risks such as cyber security and protecting your organization's reputation.

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 Youtube Church Self-Inspections
Download the Presentation (PDF)
Church administrators need to recognize the importance of making safety a top priority in all aspects, from services, to Sabbath School classes, to activities, like potlucks, Pathfinders, and various outreach programs, including mission projects. Church employees, volunteers, visitors and children all require safe facilities and safety and health programs that help protect them from harm.

The Church Safety Self-Inspection will help you identify potential exposures and take steps to prevent losses at your church. In this webinar we will look at the practical tools you can use to conduct this inspection.

  Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement
Download the Presentation (PDF)
Every day, local church congregations entrust individuals with cash, checks, and other assets.  While the majority of these individuals are honest, under the right circumstances, even the most loyal individual might steal if given the right motive and opportunity to do so.  So what can church congregations do?  If most individuals will steal under the right circumstances, then how can theft be prevented?  How can theft be detected?  

This presentation focuses on how the local church congregation and related stakeholders can address those questions and will present options to help reduce the local church congregation’s risks due to fraud and to increase your ability to detect it.

 Youtube Best Practices in Supervision of Children and Youth
When engaging in ministries involving children and youth, no single topic is more important than proper SUPERVISION.  Whether it be in Sabbath School, Pathfinders, mission trips, academy music tours or simply the down time before and after church activities, proper supervision is the best line of defense in minimizing the risks to our children and youth.  

This Webinar will focus on supervision best practices in a variety of settings.  It will also touch on the need for proper training and oversight of those who have been tasked with supervisory responsibilities. If you are an appointed church or school leader, a helper or simply a concerned parent you are encouraged to attend this important Webinar presented by Dr. William Chunestudy, Educational Resource Specialist for Adventist Risk Management.  Dr. Chunestudy brings a wealth of experience to this topic, having served the church as an educator in K-12 and collegiate settings as well as having served several churches as an associate pastor.

 Youtube The Road to Oshkosh - Pathfinder Safety
Download the Presentation (PDF 1.9MB)
In August over 38,000 Pathfinders from around the world will journey to the Forever Faithful Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  This is the world’s largest gathering of young people and Adventist Risk Management wants to help as you plan for a safe and fun Camporee experience.  This webinar will provide Pathfinder leaders and Church Safety officers with the information they need to make success plans, outline the important accident insurance coverage available to Pathfinder Clubs and review the key aspects of Pathfinder safety that should be used throughout the entire year.

  Preparing for Storms
Download the presentation (PDF 1.3MB) 
Over the years, hurricanes and tornadoes have caused countless loss of lives and billions of dollars in damages.

In this webinar we will learn more about how to be prepared for Hurricanes and other storms. We will focus on:

- Actions to take before, during and after a storm
- Where to find additional resources you can use to prepare your church or school for a storm

 Youtube Transportation
Download the presentation (PDF)
Many volunteers and Church employees operate Church owned, leased, rental or personal vehicles as part of their job or duties for the Church. We are expected to operate vehicles safely to prevent accidents which may result in injuries or property loss. The church understands that the use of automobiles is an essential part of our ministry and as such each of us as safety officers must be committed to promoting a heightened level of safety awareness and responsible driving behavior for those who undertake this important task.
 Youtube Planning Maintenance
Visit the Planning Maintenance page for the seasonal maintenance guide
Maintenance is work done on a routine basis to protect users of a building and to assure a long life for the building.  Many accidents, such as slips, trips, and falls happen because of overlooked hazards or as a result of poor quality maintenance.  A preventive maintenance program, designed to correct each problem as it occurs, is more cost effective than waiting until the problem reaches a magnitude where special contracts and large expenditures are required to correct it. 

 Youtube Mission Trip Planning

A mission trip for many people is the opportunity of a lifetime. It is an opportunity to learn about other cultures, create lasting change in the lives of those they meet, and to experience a transformation in the participant's own life.

Taking a group of people on a mission trip, to another country, outside of one's comfort zone, requires very careful planning. Planning includes everything from deciding what skills are needed to calculating cost for travel, food, lodging, and other resources…planning ahead will make your trip a great success! Join us to discuss tips for planning a safe and successful mission trip.

Supervision - Key to Successful Ministries
Download the Presentation Notes (PDF)
Did you know: The key to successful supervision is to review each activity, outing, or field trip and provide the best-qualified personnel possible, in ample numbers, to maintain the security of youth and to keep youth safe. 

This webinar is a key opportunity to learn how you can integrate practical supervision methods and guidelines into your ministry.

Youtube Winterizing Church Facilities
Have you ever had to deal with frozen pipes? Water damage from frozen pipes can cause serious damage to a church facility. This free webinar will focus on ways you can winterize your church facility and avoid these problems.

Youtube Making Your Church Fire Safe
Fire safety is a critical component of loss control and a safety officer's responsibility.
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Church Emergency Planning
Church Transportation Risks
Youtube Church Media Ministry Risks
Youtube Church Self-Inspections
Youtube Insurance and Claims Practices
Youtube Preventing Losses - The Heart of Risk Management
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Youtube Creating and Sustaining a Risk Management Culture
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