Campus Emergency and Crisis Planning. Are You Prepared?
Do you have a campus “plan” when a crisis occurs? Current risks to our schools involve far more than fire drills. Emergency plans, and the implementation and rehearsal of plans is critical for all prepared schools. Learn how you can be more “prepared.”

Campus Safety and Facility Risk Control for Schools
Across the North American Division and around the world, we see facilities on both ends of the safety spectrum. Some are great, while others are failing in many ways. In this presentation we will look at some key “life safety” issues observed during site surveys that can affect the safety and health of students, staff and visitors.

Captive Insurance-Why Participation Matters
Why does the Seventh-day Adventist Church operate a captive insurance company? How does the Church benefit from having its own insurance company and why is your organization's participation important.

Change, How to Manage and Survive
Nothing is more certain than change in today’s world. This presentation looks at change and not only what you need to do to survive it but actually make it happen and thrive in the changing world around us.

Claims Processing-How to File and When to File
How do I file a claim? When do I file a claim? Where do I get the forms? Knowing how to properly file a claim can significantly reduce the negative impact on mission and ministry. This seminar provides detailed information that can be vital to business continuity and recovery if an unfortunate event occurs.

Conflict of Interest
What is conflict of interest? How do board members and others avoid conflicts of interest when sitting on what might be viewed as competing entities.

Copyright Infringement-Don't Put Your Church at Unnecessary Risk
Are you illegally using PowerPoint slides for worship? Are you illegally using video for sermon illustrations? Are you illegally printing words as handouts in your church bulletin? How can we know what is legal and what can cost your church, both fiscal, legal and human resources. This seminar provides guidance and safeguards that help keep our churches safe from copyright litigation.

Crime Insurance and Fraud Prevention
As a steward of the Lord's resources protecting them from loss due to fraud or embezzelment is an important consideration for all denominational organizations. Learn the key measures of internal controls and the insurance protection available to minimize the loss of church assets.

Current Adventist Hot Potatoes
From homosexuality, to sexual molestation, to the losses by church members through affinity fraud, this presentation looks at these and other “hot” topics that impact the church, raise issues of integrity in how they ought to be addressed according to law, Church policy and as Christians.

Cyber Risk Liability
One of the fastest growing of all insurance products, Cyber Risk Liability insurance is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for all businesses, churches and schools today. We can do little to prevent attempts at cyber crime, but we can have sufficient coverages to minimize our risks.

Cyber Risks for Teachers and Students
Cyber dangers are great for both students and teachers. How safe is social media? Are your students your “friends” on Facebook? What should teachers, students and parents know when going on-line? How can we minimize the risks that surround us in Cyberspace?

Early Childhood Education Risk Management
There are countless challenges, regulations, parental and legal expectations, and risk exposures found in opening and operating a childcare center, but nothing can outweigh the rewards. Come join us as we look at ways to reduce exposures and enhance safety in early childhood education facilities.

Early Intervention when Allegations of Child Abuse Occur
What procedures should school administrators take when a student accuses a staff member of sexual abuse? How can we protect our institutions and families, and in the process help to keep these volatile issues from being litigated?

Education and Child Labor Laws-What Every School Needs to Know
All schools are subject to child labor laws. Learn how to be sure that students working on campus are in compliance with the laws from both a hours worked and type of allowable work standpoint to avoid costly fines or penalties.

Employee Benefits-101, You Don’t Know what You Don’t know!
A presentation for HR managers on how to manage the benefits, sign-up employees and overall benefit processing. Employee Benefits - 101 provides the current breakdown of the benefits available to NAD employees, both full-time and part-time.

Employment Practices Liability
In today's litiagious society employers are at a greater risk than ever before from lawsuits brought against them by their own employees. Learn the exposures facing denominational employers and how to minimize your employment liability related risks.

Exposure Analysis-Looking Closely at Risk Potential
Do you really know what your building and all its contents is worth? What would it really take to replace a building gutted by fire or levels by tornado? Determining the risk potential by properly valuating a property provides the basis for adequate coverage. Learn how this is determined and the best strategies for exposure analysis.

Fire Safety-Prevention is the Key
What does an administrator or safety officer need to know about proper fire prevention? Is up-to-date fire extinguishers enough. What if a fire broke out during a church service. What are the elements of an effective fire prevention program, and what are the steps an organization must take in order to maximize the safety of our facilities?

Food Service Risks and Loss Prevention
Food service safety is more than proper food handling. Numerous risks can exist, exposing staff, students and visitors to illness or injury. This presentation will address “expected” and “unexpected” risks you may face in your cafeteria, smaller food service operations and during outings.

Gaposis—Managing Uninsured Risks
Insurance policy coverage is necessary, however there are uninsurable factors that must be accounted for. These issues can cost big bucks. What can administrators do to plan for the “gaps” in insurance coverage?

General Liability- Understanding Your Coverage
Lawsuits can impact any denominational organization as the result of neligence which causes harm to third parties. Learn the nuts and bolts of your General Liability insurance policy and how it can help to mitigate loss.

General Risk Control-Protecting Your Ministry
Safety and risk control are an essential part of every church ministry. Learn how the true role of risk management can be summed up in two words: "Active Stewardship".

Governance- Understanding Executive Risk
Many employees and volunteers serve on denominational boards which provide governance to Church organizations. As an officer or board member do you understand the potential risks that can arise from your decisions?

Healthcare-What is the latest?
These days, nothing is more certain than change, particularly in the field of Healthcare. What is the current state? What are my benefits, deductibles and co-pays? What does the future look like. How will Obamacare impact the SDA plan? Some questions are hard to answer but what we do know we will share with you.

Hospitals in Danger
This presentation reviews some of the common operational and physical plant risk exposures an employee, visitor or patient may face. It also looks at responsibilities toward the safety of patients, visitors and staff at international hospitals and some primary program elements and steps that can help reduce losses.

Insurance 101—Knowing Your Policies
A fun and practical guide to understanding your institutional insurance policies.

Insurance Finance and How it Works
What are the fiscal nuts and bolts of insurance for the Seventh-day Adventist Church through Adventist Risk Management?

Legal Issues that Face the Church
This presentation takes a look at the wider issues of the law and how the Church is entangled in applying the requirements to the Church, and other topics that related to current legal activities in the news that impact the Church. From use of trademarks, to the role of contracts, to how we handle issues of fidelity in dealing with finances.

Life and Health Insurance-What's Covered and What's Not?
As a denominational employer there are life and health insurance programs which must be provided and administered for your employees. Learn the key policy provisions of these programs for employers in the North American Division.

NAD Benefits-To What Am I Entitled, as a Church Worker
The benefits for NAD employees, both retired and currently employed is clearly spelled out in this informative seminar.

Pastoral Ethics in Today’s Church
This presentation discusses pastoral behaviors that can cause risks and money loss to the congregation, the local church and the local conference, as well as destroying a pastor’s career and hijacking the ministry of the local church.

Pathfinder Insurance and Claims
Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs engage in numerous activities around the world. Learn the insurance protection provided for these programs and how to appropriately report accident claims on a timely basis.

Personal Lines of Insurance-What Are They and What's Covered
Denominational employers provide several types of insurance to help protect their employees from personal accidents or loss of personal property. Learn the types of coverage provided by ARM to denominational organizations around the world.

Property and Casualty Insurance-What Is It and What's Covered?
Learn the basic key provisions of the property/casualty insurance programs offered through ARM to help protect the assets of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Protecting our Church Properties through Proper Valuation
Read a newspaper almost any day and you will find another Church under attack. Our Church members have contributed countless thousands of dollars to provide Churches and schools to enhance worship and education. Have we taken these facilities for granted? This presentation focuses adequately valuing these properties as well as the need for routine care and maintenance.

Risk Control-The Heart of Risk Management
This presentation looks at one of the risk management tools used to help institutions manage their resources: Risk Control. Whether talking about people, property, or monies, you will find that Risk Control is not only a valuable tool, but is actually the “heart” of risk management.”

Safety Inspections for Schools and Churches
It all begins at the parking lot. Looking carefully at a church or school property should encompass every area. What do I look for? What policies should I have in place. What can I repair? What should I leave to a professional. All these questions and more are answered in this presentation.

School Liability-Are We Making the Right Decisions?
Understanding the operational liabilities of a school requires careful oversight of all school related activities. Learn how to make appropriate plans that will help to minimize loss situations and the proper supervision of school events.

Sexual Predators! Are Your Children Protected? Are You Protected?
Every 10 seconds another child is abused! One in 5 churches in North America have had child molestation claims! The SDA Church paid out tens of millions of dollars in recent years toward abuse claims. And the trend is alarming! How many children were psychologically, emotionally and physically damaged because abusers have been allowed to roam freely in our churches and schools? Let’s get our heads out of the sand and face an alarming reality. We need better protection for our children. Can you spot child abuse? Do you know the characteristics of child predators? Our volunteers and church staff need to know how to detect and report abuse. All who work with our children need to know the safe and appropriate behaviors when supervising children.

Shield the Vulnerable, It's More than Child Abuse Prevention
Shield the Vulnerable’s educational component provides on-line courses including bullying, cyber danger and dating abuse. These courses are available for you, your volunteers and your students. How do I implement Shield The Vulnerable’s training and screening features?

Trademark Issues in the SDA Church
What is the value of your name? Why should the Seventh-day Adventist Church protect its name from trademark infringement and what situations violate its appropriate use? These issues will be addressed in this seminar.

Transportation Risks in Youth Activities and Mission Trips
Transportation Risks in Youth Activities and Mission Trips In any activity, one of the best ways to reduce the potential for loss is to think through each element of the program, determine what might go wrong, and put elements in place that will reduce or eliminate that possibility. The same applies to the transportation program. Expect the best, but plan for the worst. Prepare for the “unexpected.” This presentation discusses many of the elements that keep vehicles and drivers operating safely.

Traveling Safely Worldwide
Preparing a trip across town or around the world, there are increasing challenges lurking around every corner. This presentation takes you through the W’s (what, when why, where) of preparation as well as reviewing resources that will enhance your preparation.

Vehicle Coverage and Liability
Is my 14 passenger van covered? Do I have enough liability coverage?. What are the risks, what are the dangers of having incomplete coverage? Learn what the risks and safeguards are regarding vehicle coverage.

What’s Going Wrong (and Right) with my Board of Directors?
What are the expectations of Board membership and the duties a director owes to the company and the Board? How does a director identify and respond to a conflict of interest he or she may have in serving as a director? Are there liabilities associated with serving on a board or executive committee?

When Disasters Strike, Are You Really Prepared?
Are you ready for any of the myriad of disasters that could strike your campus? Are you prepared to take on an event as horrific and devastating as Virginia Tech faced, or even a single murder or death on your campus? Are you prepared for nature’s wrath in whatever forms it may appear? This presentation discusses exposures and actions facilities can take to enhance protection of the physical plant, students and staff, and reduce the potential for loss or lessen the degree of loss that might occur during an event.

Youth Activities and Music Tours-Safety and Safeguards
Traveling with young people requires more than patience. Proper preparation, permissions and policies all need to be carefully thought out and executed. Appropriate supervision and strategies dealing with overnight trips is discussed in this informative seminar.