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Protect yourself from Lyme disease

If you work on a farm, in a forest, on a railroad, or do construction, landscaping or utility line work, you may be at risk for Lyme disease. If you work (or play) outdoors especially in the woods or around bushes, high grass or leaf litter, you are at risk of being exposed to tiny ticks that can bite and infect you with Lyme disease. In 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed 30,000 and 8,500 probable cases of Lyme disease. The disease is passed to humans by the bite of black-legged ticks infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. The Lyme disease bacterium normally lives in mice, squirrels, chipmunks and other small mammals, and the ticks usually live in woods or tall grasslands in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. People cannot spread Lyme disease to each other.

Symptoms of Lyme disease
Tick bites are usually painless and you may not even know you've been bitten. The symptoms of Lyme disease can vary from person to person, however one of the first signs of infection is a circular rash, often referred to as a "bull's eye" because of the rings spreading from the bite site. The rash may appear three days to a month after infection. You could also experience fever, chills, joint and muscle pains, headache, fatigue and/or swollen lymph nodes. Usually people will feel mildly ill and get a peculiar skin rash. However in some cases the bacteria can spread to the joints, heart, and brain and cause serious health problems. The good news is that Lyme disease can often be effectively treated, especially if detected in the early stages.

Lyme disease can be difficult to recognize and it is often confused with other diseases. It is important to check with your doctor if you feel you may have Lyme disease. Pregnant women should see a doctor immediately as Lyme disease can lead to serious complications, including stillbirth.

What employers can do to protect their workers

  • Provide training for workers about Lyme disease: how it's spread, the risks of exposure and infection, how they can protect themselves from ticks, and why it is important to report all tick bites and related illnesses.
  • Recommend that workers wear light-colored long-sleeved shirts, long pants tucked into their socks, and a hat when possible.
  • Provide workers with repellents (containing 20% to 30% DEET) to use on their skin and clothing for protection against tick bites.
  • When possible, have workers avoid working at sites with woods, bushes, tall grass, and leaf litter.
  • If work in these higher-risk sites can't be avoided, try to reduce the tick populations by removing leaf litter, cutting back tall grass and brush, controlling the rodent and small mammal populations, and discouraging deer activity.

What workers can do to protect themselves from tick bites

  • Take extra care to protect yourself in the late spring and summer when young ticks are most active.
  • Use an insect/tick repellent that has 20% to 30% DEET (follow the manufacturer's directions for use). Apply it to your skin and outer clothing, avoiding your eyes and mouth.
  • Prevent ticks from attaching to your skin by wearing a light coloured, long-sleeved shirt that fits tightly around the wrist, long-legged pants tucked into your socks or boots, and a hat when possible. Light coloured clothing makes it easier to spot and remove ticks.
  • Perform a complete body inspection after being in an area where ticks may live. Check for ticks on and under clothing. Be sure to check your armpits, in and around your scalp and hair, navel, groin, and behind your ears and knees.
  • Remove ticks within 24 hours to reduce your risk of infection with Lyme disease.
    • Grasp the tick firmly using needle-nose tweezers, as close to your skin as possible.
    • Pull the tick's body away from your skin with a steady motion without squeezing it as this can cause the harmful bacteria to be released into the body.
    • Clean the area with soap and water.
  • Save the live tick for testing by putting it in a sealed container or double zip lock bag. Bring the tick to your doctor or your local health unit office to be sent for testing for Lyme disease.
  • Wash and dry work clothes in a hot dryer to kill any ticks present.
  • Learn the symptoms of Lyme disease so you can recognize it and be treated promptly.
  • Tell your doctor that you work outdoors where ticks may be present.

Higher risk areas for tick infection

In Canada there are areas that may be higher-risk for contacting ticks and Lyme disease:

  • Quebec - Monteregie and Estrie regions in the southeast of the province
  • Ontario - Long Point; Point Pelee National Park; Rondeau Provincial Park; Turkey Point; Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area, and St. Lawrence Islands National Park in the Thousand Islands region of eastern Ontario
  • Nova Scotia - Lunenburg and Bedford areas
  • Manitoba - Buffalo Point area
  • British Columbia - most of the province, but the largest tick populations are on the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and Fraser Valley

These areas continue to change as the tick population moves. Ticks can be spread by migrating birds and the animal population.

Learn more about Lyme disease and take precautions to protect yourself from tiny ticks that can cause big health problems.

More about Lyme disease:

Lyme Disease OSH Answers, CCOHS

Lyme Disease : Frequently Asked Questions, Government of Ontario

It's Your Health: Lyme Disease (PDF), Health Canada

Ticks and Lyme Disease, Public Health Agency of Canada

Canada Communicable Disease Report: The rising challenge of Lyme borreliosis in Canada

Lyme Disease Home Page, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Lyme Disease Alert Fact Sheet (PDF), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Reprinted with permission by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). 

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# coach00
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 9:13 AM

Chapter to pay 250 dollars

In the morning of May 4, 1,7, coach outlet stupid farming along with the man from the rented room, peer-section of the road, they parted ways, if the man rushed to go to work that Job stupid farming again to that Far East move house candidates, a continuation of yesterday's action, but significantly larger than the state resumed yesterday.

Far East moving houses in the stupidity farming's image in the eyes of, and has been greatly reduced, stupidity farming if there are other ways you can find work, stupid farming will never go to the Far East to move so candidates stupid farming completely do not even think about, but also There is no other way to find a job, stupid plowing under a lot of determination, the candidates to go to coach factory outlet online the Far East to move so successful, it seems stupid farming good sleep one night only effect is to let him go to the Far East to move so confident of success candidates other little ideas are not stupid farming and to enter into a certain state, flounders, almost with the usual two look like.

Stupid farming once again came to the Far East to move so the volume in front of the gate door, distraught, gingerly, as if no matter how well prepared stupidity farming psychological Once the candidate really is about, is still very nervous, more so yu farming painful is they discovered that this the rolling gates facade original or off, do not come to work so late, and yesterday they found so early from work, which can do, not cranky, renewable detailed look at, Yu Geng This suddenly, scream, deeply blame him yesterday carelessness simply muddled through and through.

In fact, from the appearance of the facade of the entire volume gate, you can see that this volume gate facade has been turned off for a long time, the facade of the alley coach outlet store wall, upright stretch a Far East to move so small brand, coupled with the wall on red paint arrows marked contrast to should demonstrate that the Far East moving houses in this facade, just rolling gates off, wear the alley, behind the facade of the inside of this house, this clearly seems to be a very strenuous, the actual look will be able to see it, for people accustomed to living in the city, it is at a glance, the rural people first entered the city, is not easy to distinguish the so many kinds of marks, signs.

Terribly stupid farming muddle yesterday categorically identified is closed from work, Zhenshi Ben and repentant, so ashamed yesterday inside the staff of the Job also thought it was the Far East to move so closed from coach outlet online work, corresponding stupid farming will be more important this time candidates, to the stupidity farming not candidates, the more there is a fate.

3, Yu Geng wear look alley, the right turn before the move so the door to the Far East.

I saw in the ten to twenty square hut, compact furnishings arranged to become the office of the Far East, moving houses, are four men and a woman sitting at a desk, you made me a language to talk about, relying on door at a bench, are sitting around a middle-aged man, serious atmosphere than office furnishings, four men and one woman more Far East moving houses is what kind of company, better show that Far East move so what, every word as if they are talking about, are related to a small business, and the light from the office furnishings of view, do not believe can be accomplishing something much.

Stupid farming prohibitive, had honestly stood in the doorway, silent, hoping that someone will take the initiative to greet him loudly.

Yu farming by little hesitation on hold back any longer, and courage inside stammered landlords trends signaled say hello, but dare not go, palpitations becoming quite, as if afraid to let the Far East to move just because he is so hello, the house lost than not small business, rural people first entered the city, easy to overestimate the city people did seem to be inside a year's harvest, also arrived in the city people once eloquent brought harvest.

Hello stupid farming, but angered the four men and one woman uranium enrichment and to stupid farming cast a disgusted vision, and some people love to ignore the answer, vicious Baba asked stupid farming which is doing with yourself almost rhetorical, obviously stupid farming appear to disturb them talk about the process, very disappointing that stupid farming Daredevil exceedingly annoying stupidity farming taboo coach factory outlet most people think he is annoying, stupid farming generally try not to make people feel he annoying, stupid farming fear and trepidation, nervous, that does not bode well, wished he could just walk away.

4, Yu Geng deeply heavy pressure, scalp numbness, but sluggish first parcel he laid on the ground, then it holds all that a letter of introduction, slowly shift into muttering explained he came to candidates, it seemed to be unafraid of death, to make personnel listen to fate. Is beyond stupid farming surprisingly someone took the letter of introduction, roughly over ended again, stupid plowing attitude immediately becomes mild, before and after different person, was also looked at that letter of introduction, recited the sound of endless, active atmosphere stupid farming immediately became the object of their attention, to pause in front of them talk as if they were stupid farming interest is greater than the interest of one is talking about business, work together to do stupid, farming work, asking questions.

Stupid farming flattered, submissive, bent to successful candidates, completely coach purses outlet dazzled reaction, however, the more impossible to stay awake, not to mention from the fact, he yesterday came to see.

After questioning, they stupid plowing, very satisfied, the spot promised can cheap coach purses be hired, but must remand the ID card and a deposit of 250 yuan, or talking about anything, there is no room for negotiation.

Stupid Koichi heard can be hired, almost secretly ecstasy, which will be remembered, warned his staff yesterday that the Job, Do not escorted ID card and charge a deposit to be true, stupid farming would not think that if he was taken identity card and a deposit of 250 dollars, equal to him when the back two hundred fifty, stupid farming has not heard what the "hundred and fifty, but do not know" two hundred and fifty "stupid farming can not imagine charge his identity card coach factory online and 250 dollars gold necessarily malicious, it touches can be understood as a rule, good to prevent some people casually Dry did not intend to move so well done for a long time in the Far East, we are not afraid escorted identity card and a 250-dollar deposit, stupidity farming certainly intend in the Far East, moving louis vuitton purses houses have done a long time some stupid farming that he intends to move so well done for a long time in the Far East and in the Far East, he was able to move so well done for a coach outlet online long time is one thing , stupid farming without even thinking immediately intention to hand over their identity cards and 250 dollars, have no slightest preparedness of the heart, just stupid tillage left little money, if you hand over 250 yuan, almost put stupid farming all the money out, this had to let stupid tillage depth concerns.

Desperation, stupidity farming had Lulu said to them, it is difficult coach factory to hand over a deposit of 250 dollars to see if I can bend the rules, but to charge his identity card to the point it does not matter.

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